- butter
- parmiggiano
- bacon (big chunk, no small cubes)
- black pepper
- salt

Open the eggs and add a pinch of salt.
Scramble the eggs.
Add parmiggiano in the eggs.
Scramble till there are no lumps.
Prepare the pan with butter to fry the bacon.
Prepare the bacon, take away the skin from the block.
Slice the bacon in big cubes.
Fry the bacon till itīs crunchy.
Cook the pasta al dente and dry really well.
Mix the pasta in the egg.

Make sure to give another quick scramble to the eggs before you add the pasta, and that pasta is as warm as possible. this will cook the egg just sligthly around the pasta and leave the creamy feeling, without adding cream.
Mix the pasta, eggs and bacon, add some black pepper and serve on a dish with parmiggiano next to it.