- olive oil
- cherry tomatoes
- garlic
- fresh chili
- onion
- basil
- rigatoni
- salt
- tuna fish (in oil)
- totamo sauce
Fry the onion, garlic and fresh chili in olive oil on a hot pan.
When the garlic and onion start to have a golden color, add the tuna fish with the oil from the can. Make sure to break the tuna as much as you can. Pan is still very hot and tuna tends to suck in a lot of oil. Be careful not to burn it.
Mix it and stear it around as necessary.
When the frying pan is almost dry, add the tomato sauce with half glass of water.
Once the tomato sauce goes up to boiling temperature, add pachino and basil.
Lower the temperature so that it can cook slowly and dry.
Cook the pasta al dente, and make ready to mix with the sauce. Notice how dry the sauce is.
Mix the pasta in the sauce and add some water (about a glass) used to boil the pasta.

Put the fire up again and mix till the water is dry again.
Make ready to serve.