- olive oil
- cherry tomatoes
- black olives
- garlic
- chili
- mussles
- clams
- capers
- parsley
- spaghetti
- salt
Those are the pan and pot I use. Very handy

- remove half water from the mussels
- remove half water from the clams
- chop garlic very thin
- 2/3 pinch of chili
- chop black olives, medium size
- prepare the capers
- chop cherry tomatoes
- chop parsley
Put olive oil in the pan and heat up at max power

once the oil is about to boil, put garlic and chili in.
Once the garlic is gold color, add mussles and clams with the remaining half water in.
Notice approximately how much water should be in the pan.
When the water from mussles and clams is half dry, add capers, black olives and half of the parsley.
Keep turn everything around. We are still on high fire here.
Now we are down to 1/4 of the remaining water of the pan. Add the cherry tomatoes.
Keep turning the whole thing around or it will burn. Still full power here.

Some people prefer to also add a glass of dry white wine here. This entirely depends on the quality of the mussles and clams, and if you like more "wild" taste or not.

The wine tends to smooth the taste a lot. You will need to try what fits you best.
Start cooking the spaghetti o linguine.
Now the water in the pan is almost dry. Put it on minimum fire.
Dry the pasta approximately 2/3 minutes before is cooked al-dente.
and pour the pasta in the pan.
Add boiling water from the pot where you boiled the pasta.
Notice more or less how much water you need and go back to full power on the stove.
Keep turning around the whole thing, very fast and never stop, till the water is almost completely gone. Careful here NOT to overdry or burn.

For people that really like olive oil, you can add a 1/2 spoon in there and mix a bit more.
Place on a servicing dish.
Guarnish with the remaining parsley. Here I didnīt have many cherry tomatoes, but you can place a few around the dish, cut in slices.